Microsoft Classroom

Microsoft Classroom is your homepage for managing all of your classes. Organise multiple class sections, create and grade assignments, collaborate with other teachers in Professional Learning Areas and provide feedback to students.

Classes & Assignments in a snap

Microsoft Classroom has a OneNote Class Notebook built into every class, allowing teachers to create assignments with due dates, complete with Outlook calendar events and reminders. School Data Sync saves teachers time by automatically creating groups and enabling single sign on to apps in Office 365

Engage students in new ways

Let your students learn in more ways. You can help them to express their inner creativity, and make learning more effective and engaging with new tools like Sway or Office Mix for interactive class materials or dynamic presentations for homework. These tools help students improve their reading and writing skills across a broad range of unique student abilities and learning styles.

Better Collaboration

With OneNote Class Notebook, students can show their creativity and collaborate with handwritten notes, sketches, typing, photos, videos, voice, and links. Teachers can provide personalized individual feedback along the way. Students can collaborate on assignments and co-author documents in Office Online, Office desktop, or Office mobile. Microsoft Forms is now available in preview for teachers to easily and quickly create basic surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registrations and more.

School IT Administrators

Save time by automating creation of online classrooms and users. Simplify security with a single and compliant source from your MIS for user profiles and timetables that all Microsoft Classroom applications can use.


Spend less time managing timetables and individually setting up class groups and troubleshooting access to apps and shared online resources. Instead, teachers can use their precious time more efficiently to plan and deliver lessons that will drive better learning outcomes and impact.

How does EduSync work?


Current MIS Integrations


Making sense of digital learning

EduBoard is a data-driven app that makes digital learning easy for students. It can help teachers identify students needing support with their learning and when targeted intervention is required. It does this by collecting data on student engagement with digital learning platforms and content to produce a score. Targeted analysis provides a visual representation of the data to link student engagement and performance. As a result a teacher can identify low-performing, at-risk students much earlier on, taking appropriate measures to improve learning outcomes and impact. EduBoard uses existing school and college data systems to extract and transforms data into a form readily accessible by both the student, parent and the teacher.

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Here are some common questions about EduSync


How do we get our school access to Microsoft Classroom?


You can contact our support team who are nominated Microsoft Education Specialists, simply complete the form below and we’ll get that ball rolling for your setup at no cost. You will need an Office 365 Education subscription and we can help with any questions you have if you have a traditional onsite exchange setup or using Google Education apps.


How does EduSync work?


Once we’ve integrated with your MIS we’re able to sync your teacher, student, and timetable information to Azure where we’re able to make it available to a teacher when using Microsoft Classroom. It’s a fully automated synchronisation service, if a change occurs on your MIS it’s available in Microsoft Classroom so teachers don’t have to worry or take on IT admin configuration work. When an assignment or homework is set, all students in that class will be in the class list to receive it. No manual download and upload process will be required or planned in by your IT Admin. EduSync will save your school and teachers precious time to just get on with teaching and work smarter.


If we’re already using OneNote Class Notebook how will it work in Microsoft Classroom?


You’re already embracing a great teaching and learning tool, it has now become easier to administer your teachers and students access through Classroom and EduSync. Microsoft Classroom helps the student focus on their assignments and homework being set by giving them a dedicated Classroom Notebook, conversation area for collaborative learning and an online storage space for additional resources like worksheets to complete.

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